Kaliachak Violence and the Role of RSS Propaganda

Sunday, January 10, 2016

Over the past week we have witnessed a lot of online and media brawl regarding the mob violence in Kaliachak of Malda district, West Bengal. The RSS and its affiliates have portrayed the incident of a mob rampage as an incident of communal violence by the Muslims against Hindus in West Bengal, a state that has so far not won by the saffron brigade despite their futile attempts to polarise the upper caste affluent Bengali Hindus.

The Malda violence was a case of a mob violence, provoked by BSF and local Trinamool leaders. A rally of 40,0000 people organised by a Sunni organisation (with several ruling party members in its hierarchy) protesting against the derogatory comments made by a Hindu Mahasabha leader, Kamlesh Tiwari, against the Islamic prophet Muhammad, went on a berserk when a jeep carrying BSF personnel refused to change the track for the rally and upon further altercation, fired blank shots to disperse the protestors on National Highway 34. The Kaliachak police came to rescue the BSF personnel and also fired blank shots to disperse the agitators, which led the latter to turn into a furious mob that burned down a bus, the BSF jeep, attacked the nearest police station, ransacked it and set on fire the impounded vehicles and other police vehicles in the police station compound.

The rampage went on until the RAF was summoned and the district administration imposed section 144 in the area to control the law and order situation. There was no communal violence, no attacks on Hindu households, temples or shops as reported by the corporate media and the hyperactive Sangh operatives located outside West Bengal. The lone BJP MLA of West Bengal, Shamik Bhattacharya, also refuted the charges of communal violence and called for an impartial investigation to probe all angles and find out the root cause of the rampage and nail the culprits.

Tathagata Roy, the governor of Tripura, while in office and holding a constitutional post (colonial legacy!) kept on tweeting his demagogues that explicitly expressed his despise and bias against the Muslim community and any other community or personnel who does not subscribe to the crooked Hindutva doctrine of the Sangh conglomerate. When this septuagenarian RSS ideologue was appointed to the gubernatorial office of the only province ruled by the left-front in 2015, he told the media that he will refrain from the provocative and venomous tweeting exercises. However, he stepped back from his promise and kept on posting one after another fabricated and deceitful information, which were communally inflammatory and did tarnished the so-called neutral and 'apolitical' image of the Governor office. His tweeting on the Kaliachak issue manifested his desire to see a Gujarat style genocide of the Muslims in West Bengal, and he repeatedly provoked his Twitter followers to carry on an aggressive propaganda against the Muslims.

The BJP has hastily placed many of its former Advani loyal firebrand leaders to gubernatorial positions across the nation to consolidate the leadership of Modi and Amit Shah over the party and to overcome the internal power play and faction feuds that has acted as a spoil sport for the party's electoral fortune in many provinces. Hence, the process over looked the Supreme Court guidelines, which clearly mentioned that a gubernatorial candidate must be allowed a political cooling period before being appointed to the colonial era position, so that no bias is found in their behaviour and approach while in office. Tathagata Roy contested elections during the 2014 Lok Sabha polls from Kolkata, which was only a year back before his name appeared as the Governor of Tripura. He did neither actively retired from politics, nor turned into a communal vegan, to be nominated for the position.

Tathagata Roy openly declares his allegiance to the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh, unlike his other counter parts like Ram Nayek and Keshri Nath Tripathi. He is still not out of the hangover of the position of state BJP chief of West Bengal, a post he held till 2006. His campaigns to provoke the Bengali Hindus against the Muslim people of the state is very much of disrepute for the office of the Governor, to which, of course with a suspicious silence, the Central Government has turned its back.

The constant misrepresentation of facts, putting up of deceitful Wikipedia entries on Kaliachak, using of hashtags on Twitter like #SaveWBHindus by RSS affiliated functionaries from Uttar Pradesh, Gujarat, Karnataka, Assam, Madhya Pradesh and Delhi has remained unchecked by the government law enforcement agencies, despite the threat it carried towards the internal security of the country, its communal harmony and people. The hate campaigns were allowed to be broadcasted over internet and electronic media deliberately to vitiate the communal atmosphere of the country.

West Bengal is an experiment ground for the RSS, whose functionaries often displaying their patriarchal shape of mind calls the Bengali Hindus 'impotent' due to the reluctance of the latter in joining the RSS bandwagon of communal pogrom against the Muslim Bengali population in the bordering state. The influence of the left and democratic movements, strong trade union heritage and a distaste for communalism has made the turf of Bengal quite hard playground for the BJP and its parent body RSS.

The saffron camp was successful to penetrate into the hinterland of West Bengal during the regime of Atal Bihari Vajpayee led NDA government, the present Chief Minister and so called messiah of Bengali Muslims, Mamata Banerjee, was their chief ally at that period and the BJP could manage its organisational strength using the support of the Trinamool in the early 2000s. Mamata Banerjee still uses the RSS to consolidate her Muslim vote bank in the state by showcasing the fascist threat looming large on the fate of the state. She also uses the RSS service to thwart of the left and democratic forces from organising the poor and oppressed people by providing the principal opposition space to the BJP. 

Communal bias had been in Bengal since the days of the partition, and since late 1980s, the Muslims are segregated and isolated in the urban areas. Bias against Muslims has been exhibited in the housing problems of big cities like Kolkata, Siliguri, Asansol, Durgapur, where it is unlikely for a Muslim to get a rented or self owned residential place in a pre-dominantly Hindu locality, any decent job in a Hindu owned establishment, which again brews dissent among the deprived and oppressed Muslim community, something used by the theocratic Mullahs to sow communal hatred and carry on radicalisation campaigns. The BJP campaigns of polarisation has paid good dividends in Bengal, especially among its upper caste elites and non-Bengali Hindus, who have chosen BJP as the runner up in various Lok Sabha constituencies while allowing two of them to represent Bengal in the national parliament.

Kaliachak has not caused any sort of trouble for the Mamata brigade, as it has helped them to consolidate their vote bank, dissuade the parliamentary left from wooing away her Muslim vote bank and thanks to RSS, she seems to have her way set for the 2016 polls. At the same time Kaliachak reminded us of the Goebbels Theory of re-broadcasting a lie repeatedly so that the lie becomes a truth and gets viral. We can see the copy-paste approach of the Sangh outfits and its predominantly non Bengali upper caste Hindu chauvinists to implement the policy of Goebbels in India. Replacing the Jews with Muslims, these fascist riot mongers are progressing on their path of replicating the German holocaust experience in India, West Bengal and Assam being its new laboratory.

The peril of the communal fascist forces looms large on the nation as well as Bengali people. The heinous 'divide and rule' policy of the British colonial masters are taken up by their docile Sangh outfits. This menace will continue with its advance against the secular and pluralist fabric of India that democratic forces aspire for, and seems like there is no other scope to prevent their march unless the progressive forces gets out of its slumber and builds up strong resistance against these enemies of the people by building up a broad united democratic, progressive and patriotic resistance front all over the nation. Until then, the Sangh bashing over internet cannot be sufficient to contain the real threat.

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