Avis Inde blog was supposed to be a personal blog, however, as there is nothing personal, which is not connected with politics through hundreds of invisible threads, so I couldn't resist myself from turning my blog into a space of political scribbles, rather, harsh and merciless critical analysis of politics, economy, society, culture and foreign affairs. I am happy I didn't resist myself, otherwise, the Avis Inde blog would not have published anything at all. I am happy that I am talking and talking uncensored.

Throughout my internet journey since 1999, I tried to come up with something where I can share some of the uncensored critical articles on Indian politics, economy, society and foreign affairs and not get censored by any editor. I tried constantly to put up a blog since 2005, when the concept became popular, however, due to my constant absence from internet and burden of assignments, regular blogging remained a distant dream. I revived my spirit one decade later, in the era of smartphones and high-speed internet on the go, to transmit the viral thoughts that bug my mind to others. Then came the Avis Inde blog to publish the uncomfortable and often pinching critique of the society divided on class, communal and caste lines.

I want to state that I will refrain from posting any of my previously published articles here to ensure that Avis Inde blog remains a space where you get the real, rich, informative and critical content that is not available anywhere else. I have also ensured that you can cite and use my work anywhere on the internet with a note referring to Avis Inde blog as a source. As a journalist, who is an occasional blogger, it becomes important to give a statutory warning to readers regarding my political views that are strongly anti-establishment and pro-democratic. I have inherited a staunch left-wing and pro-working class view, which runs contrary to what most people are programmed to believe in our society, no matter which country you live in. My blog very strongly thrashes those views and establishes the alternative, ventures into the “what if” space and discuss what many people consider politically taboo.

Apart from Avis Inde blog I have another blog in Bengali, my native language, it's called Bishleshok and if you can read Bengali then I invite you to visit the blog by clicking here. I am sure you will find a sync in the political overtones that the articles of Avis Inde and Bishleshok publish. You need to read the full articles along with the references they cite before you can raise the red flag. I have created a special comment policy for readers and request you to read it here. I hope I won't be pardoned by those whom I offend through my criticism and I am happy that I won't be because otherwise, it will mean I have lost the credibility of being a true journalist. I wish that my writing gets better every day and then it shears the veil of the ruling classes and their representatives and exposes their true grotesque appearance before the readers.

Thanks for being a valuable reader.

Tanmoy Ibrahim